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There is only 1 category in the competition. Two and/or more dancers (partner work or footwork) All styles of salsa are welcome (On1, On2, Cuban, Columbian, etc.)
All categories are gender free


When filming please have your camera in the landscape position. Trust us, it’s better for the judges and audience visual viewing experience. Oh, and please save your videos in a Mp4, MOV, M4V, format. On the registration form please provide us with the "Download Link" for your video. You can use
Its free up to 2gigs.


The length of the video should not exceed 100 seconds. You can use 5 secs for your intro which can include some visual effects and you can also use 5 seconds for your exit aka outro. The time limit for your routine should not exclude 90 seconds


You have full control of your video editing so go crazy, be creative and show us your editing skills BUT remember we still need to see your dancing so make sure its visible 100% of the time like if you’re performing on stage


Can you use props in your routine? Absolutely


We are excited to see your routine and the creative editing but keep in mind your video is a representation of yourself and your brand so let’s keep it clean. Offensive, over sexualised, explicit and violent themes will not be accepted and you will be immediately disqualified.


Costumes are not required but if you want to go that extra mile then go for it. If you don’t have a costume then we recommend a nice dress code, something that matches your
routine will look amazing.


Keeping safe should be your number one priority so please don’t break any social distance laws/rules your city may have and please if you have to wear a mask, please do. No points will be deducted by the judges if you’re wearing a mask.


Your video can be edited either by yourself or a third party. Remember creativity is a bonus so don’t be afraid to use multiple cameras and camera angles and for the best sound quality, we encourage to overlay the original studio quality track onto your video.


**Agozar don’t provide any video editing services**


Video submissions will not be accepted after the deadline of May 31, 2021


By submitting any materials, you grant us permission to utilize them in promotions and other activities relating to the event, unless specified otherwise by the entrant.


The minimum age limit for dancers to enter the competition is 18 years old.


The judging panel will consist of experienced experts in their field and their decision is final but remember the online viewers in the live show decides the winner. There will also be professional videographer on the judging panel that so now you know who else you need to impress.


Entry fees for the competition will be *Free*


If you are competing as a couple or as a group and your routine consist of partner work, only 1 aerial is allowed with in your routine. An aerial means 2 feet off the ground above the waist.


Remember this is a Salsa competition, so your routine must have a minimum of 70% of salsa dance and music.


The final 10 videos will be given their video with Like My Dance links to share via social media so your fans & followers can vote.

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