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Consistency is key! So whatever style of salsa you dance i.e. On1 or On2 you mustremain on that timing throughout the routine


Let’s see how well you dance to the song you have chosen. Creatively combine your salsa movements with the music and show us the results.


Fluid movements, great lines, spacing, tricks and/or lifts performed cleanly and effortless are what we are looking for.


How you interact with your partner/group members while capturing the attention of the judges and viewers. We want to see your charisma and confidence.


We want your video to be liked and shared so work really hard on your routine. Be creative and original in your partner or footwork and show us those unexpected transitions.


Visual Aesthetics

How pleasing was the overall presentation to the viewers eyes. Go crazy with the filming and editing but we need to clearly see your dance and routine

Editing Skills

Whether editing on your phone or using professional software, we are looking. A good structure to your video with a nice flow with no gaps will enhance the editing even if you change locations or scenery.

Video Quality

Quality is important so give us your best video resolution.

Audio Quality

Audio quality is equally important and we need to hear your music clearly, so sound quality will be judged

Overall Creativity

Open your mind to the possibilities of video and dance. So, tell us your story in 90 seconds. Feel free to use lighting, props, background, scenery, etc.

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