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Cecile Ovide

Cécile Ovide, of Martinican origin, has been dancing since the age of 4. She started with classical then transitioned into modern jazz, contemporary and urban dances. A few later Cecile joined the Conservatory National de Montpellier.

Cecile fell in love with the Latin culture and started training in Latin dances, shortly after she began to teach and in 2006 she met Terry. Cecile & Terry are one of the world’s most famous salsa couple as they continue to entertain audiences with their creative and powerful routines

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Paula & Ricardo

ALC Dance Company founded in September 2005. Paula Loureiro and Ricardo Sousa, its artistic directors, choreographers and dancers, have danced together since 2000. The dance company is currently made up of 6 dancers. Due to wide knowledge and diverse training they acquired along the years, their show is a unique mixture of different styles of dance. In 2007 and 2008, they won the title of the best Portuguese teachers. In 2009, they won in the category of best Portuguese Show at the Top Dance Awards and were nominated for best choreographers at the I Portugal Dance Awards in the "world dances" category. They were also official judges of the international kizomba competition “Africadançar” and invited regularly to judge several dance competitions.

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Rodrigo Cortazar

Rodrigo Cortazar.

This Professional salsa dancer is representing Veracruz, Mexico dancing and teaching in different salsa congress all around the world like Asia, europe, USA, Canada, centro America, South America, Australia and Africa.

He has been learning Latin rhythms from the best salsa dancers  like Eddie Torres, franklin Diaz, Adolfo Indacochea, Juan matos, Milton cobo, Jason Molina, Sekou mc miller, Manolo Vasquez, Ivan valdespino, Alexis Zanetti, victor and gaby (salsa con clave), and many more.

He’s speciality it’s musicality, evolution of salsa, son, mambo, chachacha and boogalo.

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Osbanis & Anneta

Osbanis Tejeda (Cuba) and Anneta Kepka (Poland). London based internationally renowned artists, teachers, choreographers & performers. They share between them World and UK Champion titles.Osbanis and Anneta’s fresh and unique dance style perfectly characterizes the fusion of Cuban dance. With Osbanis’ rich knowledge and background as a well-respected Cuban musician, their focus is on the importance of musical interpretation, in addition to incorporating Rumba & Afrocuban movement to Casino.Osbanis and Anneta teach and perform all around the world, featuring 5 continents and over 30 countries, as well as at their ever-popular regular classes in London, with the aim to share their love of Cuban dance and inspire dancers to always dance from the heart.Their infectiously passionate personalities and warm hearts make every class with them enjoyable, meaningful, very inspiring and will definitely leave you hungry for more!Their personalities perfectly complement each other and this is evident on the dancefloor. Their flawless performances are full of excitement and enthusiasm for both the music and the dance, and are certainly not to be missed!

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Ismael Otero

Ismael Otero, New Yorican native living in New Jersey, founder and director of the "Caribbean Soul Dancers", is also known as the Million Moves Man.

Ismael Otero's dance style is considered out of the ordinary from the traditional New York style. Over the years, Ismael, coming from break dancing and hip hop background, has created a unique style of dance that includes complicate arm work, unusual and funny hand flips, unique turn patterns, exciting foot work and more, combined with flavor and technique. Ismael has perfected the craft of individualism and brining out the best of his dancers and since he doesnt teach a distinct style you wont really notice who he has trained but some of best dancers in the world were trained by him, his past dance partners are all on top of their game such as Griselle Ponce, Candy Mena, Yesenia Peralta, Shani Talmor, Irene Otero, Jamie Matos and Natalia Villanueva to name a few.


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Magna Gopal

Magna Gopal is a leading instructor in the international Salsa dance industry, a Speaker and a Coach. She is world-renowned for her teaching methods, her creativity, and her philosophy. She uses the richness of partner dance to provide a deeper understanding into ourselves, our relationships with others, and the dynamics of



IG: @magnagopal    

FB: @MagnaGopalPublic

Twitter: @magnagopal 

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Nelson Flores

Nelson Flores is a well-known dance teacher, dance competition judge, and the founder and creative director of the Latin dance production company Descarga Latina. The team began as a small Salsa dance troupe in 1997 and slowly evolved into something much more, now having performed on many prestigious stages. Nelson is the manager of the group, a choreographer, producer and project manager. He has also served as an official Judge for the World Salsa Competition, sponsored by sports network giant ESPN, and worked as an event planner for the NYNJ Salsa Festival in the past.  Nelson is known for his smooth style, authentic and musical choreography and combinations.

IG :

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Based in France, Paris ..

Steve aka Starmambovideo is an international videographer, recognized for many years in the world of salsa, more precisely mambo. He made his fame through these videos of social dances that he started filming during Parisian salsa evenings then in festivals that he then shares on social networks like Youtube and Facebook, where he has an influence. big enough for the salsa community with over 55,000 subscribers and 45,000,000 views on Youtube and over 85,000 followers on Facebook, which has allowed them to show these videos all over the world.

FB @Starmambovideo

Youtube channel: starmambovideo

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